Friday, June 12, 2009


Okay...I admit that I am a procrastinator. So that's bad enough when you are a writer with a series planned. But then there are distractions, things that keep you from getting down to work even more that just thinking, "Why do today what can be done tomorrow?" Things like The Sims 3, for one. I got it the day after it came out, having been a die-hard Sims addict since the first series of the game. It is pretty impressive with tons of new features but the down-side is it runs super slow thanks to the new "open world" gameplay. While you are playing your Sims, the Sims in town are also aging, getting married, having kids, dying...Therefore, you notice a lot of bogging down and waiting around, trying to find do while your Sims go to work or to sleep. Other than that, the game is quite fun and has a new way to customize everything your Sims wear or put in their house. So my leopard-print obsessed self can have leopard-print everything. And I mean, "everything."

On to the second distraction...RP. For those who do not know, roleplay. I'm not talking the kind of roleplay that couples do, such as nurse and patient or teacher and schoolgirl...although those are fun too. I'm talking about making characters and exchanging e-mails or instant messages with a partner to tell a story one paragraph at a time. I have recently discovered this joy (in February) and am utterly hooked. On the plus side, it gets your creative juices flowing. But on the negative side, you're having way to much fun RPing to use those flowing creative juices to write...I just can't win! I wanted a way to get inspired and think up new characters and storylines and I got that alright. But now I gotta have me some RP almost every day...

So...the writing is slow but not for lack of creativity. I have something I am eager to work on but am busy researching the subject (Steampunk) when I am not indulging myself with playing God with my Sims or RPing with my friend. And now...I shall return to my RP before I turn in for the night...or morning, as it were...

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