Saturday, May 16, 2009


I'm not big on blogging, really. I never have much to say. However, I realize that there is a benefit to blogging for a writer. So, I have made this blog in order to post links, excerpts, news, poetry and some short stories, even some fanfiction that I like to write from time to time.

Now for an introduction...

My name is Jae Knight and I am a writer of erotica and romance, mostly paranormal. I am published with Phaze Books. I have an ongoing series and the first two novels, "From the Shadows" and "Surrender to the Night," are already available at Two of my short stories have been published in an erotic anthology. "Unchained Hearts" is a part of "Coming Together: At Last," is available in both eBook and print, and benefits Amnesty International. "Hailey's Comet" is a part of "Coming Together: Al Fresco," is only available in eBook format exclusively from, and benefits Conservation International.

Depending on what is allowed here at Blogger, I'm hoping to have some free, steamy reads up very soon.


Jae Knight, writer of Wickedly Erotic Romance

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