Saturday, May 23, 2009

"You Want to Read" Surrender to the Night!

Laura from You Gotta Read Reviews:
"Reading this book enables the reader to enjoy the paranormal world of Tenebrae. This is a world where demons, Halflings and Changelings all exist in a parallel universe. I became intrigued by not only the magic and wonder of the environment but also of the characters who were such an integral part of the stories. The two main plots do intersect a little over halfway through the book, and several questions are answered. However, some questions are left to be addressed in the next installment of the series which ensures that readers will be coming back for more. "
To read the review in it's entirety, follow this link:
I'm so excited to see that the second novel in my paranormal romance series got a good review! As my books are like my babies (I created them and worked hard on them), it is always nerve-wracking the moment you see you've been reviewed. But Laura from You Gotta Read Reviews rated Surrender to the Night as one "You Want to Read!"

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